Club Code of Conduct

The Management Committee give up a lot of time on a voluntary basis to make this Club successful. In return, we expect certain standards of behaviour and conduct to be demonstrated AT ALL TIMES by the players, coaches and parents.
Our key Top 10 points on this code are:
1 Monthly membership fees to be paid on 1st of each calendar month or by standing order if you have joined the club after 1 June 2019.
2 All players and coaches should avoid bad language, spitting, fighting and bullying of teammates and opponents. An atmosphere of trust, friendship and fun remains the main focus at this Club.
3 Players should avoid drugs, cigarettes and alcohol.
4 Players and coaches must retain high standards of sportsmanship even in defeat and shake hands of opponents and match officials irrespective of match results. Players should also celebrate success with dignity.
5 Players must listen carefully to their coaches’ instructions and respect their ideas and methods.
6 Players and coaches must dress in official Club merchandise when representing the Club at either training or official club fixtures. Players are expected to purchase official Club merchandise for this purpose.
7 Players are expected to maintain good time-keeping skills and arrive on time for training or official fixtures. If players are unable to attend for any reason then a phone call or text message to their respective coach would be appreciated.
8 Players are expected to prepare properly for games by means of a good night sleep (pre-match), ensuring boots are clean, shin pads are used, a water-based drink is on hand and money (if required for referees or fuel) is also supplied if previously requested.
9 The Club Management Committee reserve the right to sanction penalties if necessary against any registered player (or parent of a registered player) or registered coach who fails to meet any section of the official Club Code of Conduct or who verbally abuses or insults club volunteers.
10 We will respect our neighbours at Kingsley Park by driving safely and slowly and quietly into and out of the area